Red Ribbon Strategy

  Does your company need  impactRED?

Test it yourself.

In your company, can you...

  recall more than 5 truely inspiring presentations of the last year?
  recall more than 5 speeches that left you with one strong key-message?
  remember one presentation that left a strong, meaningful image in your mind?

  In general, in your company...

  presenters radiate confidence and competence?
  technical information is presented in an attention-getting, mesmerising way?
  most presenters are infectiously excited about what they´re presenting?
  presentaters dare to abstain from power point when giving a presentation?
  presenters show bold pictures and talk about those instead of reading what´s
       written on the power point charts?
  presenters speak in an animated way, deploying bodylanguage?
  speakers make it clear what they want the audience to do after their lectures?
  speakers radiate presence?
  presentations are mindopening and creative?
  speakers pay as much of attention to the HOW as to the WHAT?
  the main message of the presentation is clear to you?
  presentations are as innovative and creative as the products/ services the
       company sells?
  the attitude is that it´s very important how content is delivered?

If you answered more than 3 of these questions with NO,
we recommend the implementation of an high impact presentations skills seminar
such as impactRED.
impactRed boosts the presence of the presenter and maximizes the impact of his/her presentation on the audience.
After the seminar, participants will radiate the all important 3 Cs:
Competence, Confidence & Creativity.