The Red Ribbon Strategy 

US - studies found out that the success of business presentations depends by 7 %
on the What (the content) and by 93% on the HOW (presence & impact of the presenter)

The HOW more crucial than the WHAT?

Shocking – but true. A truth one should act upon. Especially, as brilliant thinkers are not always brilliant presenters - precisely the problem the Red Ribbon Strategy addresses with its presentation skills workshops & seminars.

Red Ribbon - who and what is behind it?

 Founder of the Red Ribbon Strategy, Barbara Dibué, was Creative Director in several of the world´s leading Advertising Agencies (Young & Rubicam, New York, Grey Worldwide, Düsseldorf). She has given countless presentations and witnessed even more. In a business where a convincing presentation is key to success, she experienced again and again that the do-or-die of the presentation depends on the electricity it ignites.

Red Ribbon – who needs it and why?

 „I often witnessed how a brilliant idea died due to the unspectacular way it was presented. How visionary strategies, fantastic ideas, well thought-through programs did not leave any mark in the minds of the audiences just because they were presented without passion.

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