Make a name for yourself.

Barbara is founder and trainer of Red Ribbon –specialising in communication, presentation
and creativity in business.

The name is program: it´s all about HOW you communicate, wrapping the content of what
you want to communicate in an effective, memorable way, giving it a red ribbon. You will get
recognized and make a name for yourself. Before turning trainer, Barbara worked as creative
director for global advertising agencies: 11 years at Young & Rubicam, New York, and 13 years
as International Creative Director at Grey Worldwide in Düsseldorf.

Participants of her seminars profit from Barbara´s first-hand experience as an executive. The
content of her trainings is based on real and challenging business situations. She
trains aspiring executives who need to present themselves, their companies, concepts and
projects in an attention getting way, from all lines of business and helps them to make a name
for themselves.

* Barbara is also trainer for the Superwoman Academy